Plan for growth

You have started your own business. Congratulations!

It may have been some time since you ran a fast-growing business or were responsible for a division of a large organisation. Maybe this is all new to you.

How do you make the transition from start-up to fast growing business?

You are likely to have multiple challenges that can include:

  • maintaining the development of your products
  • gaining traction with customers
  • continuing to develop your team and your product delivery capability
  • evolving your systems and processes
  • addressing issues of costs and margins
  • addressing pricing pressure from customers and competitors?

To tackle these issues effectively you need to create the capacity and skills necessary to address them whilst keeping customers, staff, suppliers and shareholders happy.

By looking at 5 common problems that fast growing businesses face you can find the means to create that capacity and skill base. Let me walk you through them.

How do you?

  1. fund growth
  2. find talent with shared values at the right time
  3. ensure and maintain profitability
  4. develop systems and controls appropriate to your business
  5. build a plan

Over the next 4 weeks I will share with you steps to follow; in a simple and practical form, that will enable you to better prepare for and support your plans to grow your business.

Contact me to see how I can help you start, grow and develop your business.

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