5 things you need to capture in a pitch document

  • Today I am looking at the 5 things I think you need to capture in a pitch.
  • What the opportunity is
    • What is the problem or issue that your business solves?
    • What is the target market?
    • What is your solution – what makes you special?
    • Competitive landscape?
  • Sales & marketing
    • What are your Sales channels?
    • What marketing activities do you need to acquire new and retain existing customers?
    • Show your key customer stats; how many & how much do they spend?
  • Financial projections
    • Where you are now
    • Capture your Key drivers – sales, profit, cash
    • Identify any funding requirements – how much and when
  • Key milestones and any issues not addressed elsewhere
    • Summarise what needs to happen and when
    • Report anything that is critical to the delivery of your plans that you have not mentioned anywhere else eg: the purchase of some key kit or partnership with another business
  • You and your team
    • Brief bios for key staff showing skills and experience, include yourself
    • Key new hires and when you plan to hire them

  • Tip: You can find some great templates online for free, covering businesses similar to your own. I use Live Plan but three are many more:

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