3 reasons why you need to set your business goals

  • Today I am looking at the 3 reasons why you need to set your business goals. This is vital before embarking on a business planning process.
  • Your business goals must be aligned with your personal goals
    • Are those nearest to you in support of your plans
    • Conflict will only make you miserable
  • You need to be clear where you are trying to get your business
    • Are you trying to
      • Do the same but bigger and better
      • Fix what doesn’t work 
      • Make a change – start something new
  • Be focused on how to get there
    • Start planning what needs to happen to deliver your goals
    • Try and avoid corporate ADHD – remember you have finite time, money and resources. Use it well.
  • Tip: Once you have set your goals, do what you can to make it real and a part of your day to day life – put it on your screensaver on your phone, write it down everywhere you can.

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