5 reasons why you might need a pitch document

  • Today I am looking at the 3 reasons why you might need a pitch document.

  • Quicker route than pulling together a business plan and detailed forecast
    • To get started try some on-line tools and templates – I use Liveplan
    • You can involve your senior team and other shareholders to get buy-in
  • This will build your confidence
    • Great intro into thinking through the opportunities and risks
    • Will make you think about what issues you need to address
  • Could facilitate discussions with a potential investor
    • No time for a detailed plan – you just need something pulled together quickly
    • Don’t avoid the financials – important for your credibility
    • Make sure your numbers add up

Tip: Try to keep it simple – with as few slides as possible. You should aim to walk someone through this within 15 minutes, getting the reader interested as quickly as possible.

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