3 things you need to address when building your business plan

  • Today I am looking at the 3 things you need to address when building your plan
  • Does it allow you to meet your goals? We have talked about this before – it is vital that you clear as to where you are trying to get to.
  • What makes you special?
    • Is it your product proposition and / or your pricing that stands out?
    • Is it your service offering that makes customers keep coming back for more
    • Remember you need to prove to anyone potentially providing funding, be it a bank or an investor that your business is worth backing.
  • Does it make sense?
    • Do the numbers add up?
    • If you are looking to change the business can you make it work?
    • If you are looking to grow can you scale up the business profitably?
  • Tip: Don’t be afraid to tweak it as you learn more from experience, but make sure you continue to monitor your performance against it.

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